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Prep Sportswear Fundraiser


Fundraise with Prep Sportswear. Create a FREE team store, and receive up to 15% back from each sale!

Create a Free Team Store Online and receive up to 15% cash back from each sale! Visit for more details!

Prep Sportswear has a huge selection of personalized sportswear options for more than 800,000 schools and teams nationwide.

Now you can take advantage of our customized and automated fundraising program to provide your team, non-profit, corporation, or web site a unique merchandising and revenue opportunity.

Program benefits:
  • Receive Up to 15%
    You can be up and running in minutes raising donations from your website. Earn up to 15% of every sale!
  • No Minimum Order, No Setup Fees
    Unlike most customized apparel there is no minimum order quantity and the program is FREE!
  • Partner with a Market Leader
    Orders ship in 5 days or less - fastest in the industry!
  • Automated Reporting
    Use our free web-based tracking tools that provide sales and fundraising information.
  • Superior Service
    Professional customer service and order-processing.

Flower Power Fundraising


Flower Power

Flower Power - Fundraising with Flowers! Free Shipping, 100% Guaranteed. Visit Gardener’s Supply for more information.

Ouch Pack Fundraiser


An OUCH PACK is a miniature “Go Every-Where, First Aid Kit” designed for young and old alike. It is ideal to carry around in your school bag, glove compartment, sport bag, fanny pack, mother’s pocket book, shirt pocket, fishing/camping gear etc.

The kit contains 10 adhesive strips, 2 gauze pads and 2 antiseptic wipes for cleaning and disinfecting wounds prior to affixing the sterile dressing(s).

Request a Free Info and Sample Pack.

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